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Please click below to access our secure portal to view your invoices, create custom reports, analyse call data and much more.

Management Portal

Our Inbound Management Portal provides a conduit for full control of all your inbound numbers. You can change simple routing plans or even build and manage complex IVR services at any time from any PC. Please speak with your Account Manager if you require additional support or information relating to your portal.


Innovation is at the forefront of everything we do, take a look at these videos to give you some insight into how we are helping our partners drive efficiency and productivity.

An Interview with Paragon Skills

We had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Caines, IT Director at Paragon Skills. A UK based Award winning Training provider for Apprenticeships. Nick took some time out of his non-stop schedule to let the public know what he thinks of NGN's service over the last 6 years.

An interview with UKCloud

We had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Gothard the Director of Platforms at UKCloud. Chris takes the opportunity to discuss UK Cloud's customer experience and the services received from NGN Communications.

An interview with Founder Ibrahim (Ibby) Bekir

An opportunity to get to know the MD and Founder of NGN Communications.

An up front, up close and personal interview, which will be inspiring and honest. Ibby discusses how he started his career, how and why he opened up NGN Communications along with his aspirations for the future of the company and progression of the team.

Ibby's AdVantage - Copper to Fibre

A great insight into the proposed Openreach 2025 Copper to Fibre exchange...
There are some great tips and solutions for you

7 mins

Ibby's AdVantage - NGN Teams SIP

Welcome to NGN Teams SIP, a new product that is pushing communication into the future. Combining NGN products with MS Teams, we have created an innovative service that operates solely through the cloud.
Here is Ibby, who will explain in more detail, along with a success story.

8 mins

Ibby's AdVantage - Why us?

We love a good origin story and NGN has a beautiful story to tell. From his days of working at Talk Talk, Ibrahim Bekir, Founder of NGN Communications tells us his development within his career and why he has attracted so many like minded people to join him on his journey to deliver the best service, and to keep going above and beyond expectations.

4 mins

Ibby's AdVantage - The difference between Single User Data and Shared Data Mobile business contracts

Ever wondered what the difference is between a single user and shared data contracts were?
Here at NGN Communications we are a company that focus on going above and beyond for our clients or those who are just seeking information before they take their next step.
Yes, we are more then meets the eye.

7 mins

Ibby's Advantage - The difference between Networks, Dealers, Resellers and VARS

When sitting down for meetings to renew or discuss a new communications contract, have you ever felt lost because too much 'industry lingo' is being thrown around in the conversation?
Before you sign another contract watch this video so you can make an informed choice.

5 mins

Ibby's AdVantage - What the 5G?!

There is so much information about 5G, but as it is a brand new network, is all the talk just hype? Knowing the network is at it's infancy stage is the media jumping to far ahead?
Find out a little more about 5G from our expert Ibrahim Bekir

8 mins

Ibby's AdVantage - Self Serve Portal EMPOWER

EMPOWER is our self-serve portal that gives you complete control and visibility of your teams usage. We want you to have the ability to take power back,

Ibby's AdVantage - RLAH Post Brexit

We believe in sharing information so you can feel better informed about the expectations of roaming once we have left the EU. Do you want to be ready for the 1st January 2021?


World class service is what you will come to expect once you become a partner. Our support is underpinned by our terms & SLA along with the quality assurance processes we are audited on annually.

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