Meet the Team

Ibrahim Bekir

Having worked in technology for 15 years Ibrahim has a wealth of experience in both voice and data communications. Ibrahim fully understands how important the role technology plays in today’s dynamic and growing businesses and really enjoys providing consultancy services to help our clients drive operational efficiency and profitability. Ibrahim spent 8 years working at a tier one network as a Corporate ACM and decided he wanted to create a dynamic and agile business to leverage the larger network technologies with a world class, responsive and knowledgeable service function.

Ibrahim is a keen Liverpool FC fan and regularly goes to Anfield to watch them play. An interesting fact about Ibrahim is that he is a member of an online gaming clan that were ranked second in the world leader board for Call of Duty.

Pat Paschalides

Having worked in the finance industry for many years Pat brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the company. Highly motivated and confident, with attention to detail and working efficiently being key in the Finance role. 

Pat has two children, a Rottweiler and an allotment, yet has still managed to find time to visit Las Vegas over 30 times. Apparently the reason is to keep the mental maths up to scratch.

Sawan Shiwani

Sawan plays a key role in the provisioning team. Highly motivated with a keen eye for detail which is paramount to her role. Sawan always strives to exceed client expectations and to provide a first class client experience. With a Bachelor’s degree in Law and managerial experience, Sawan embodies a calm, dynamic and hardworking can-do attitude.

Sawan can speak three languages fluently and loves to spend time with her family. When she does find the time, Sawan thoroughly enjoys watching the odd soap opera or two.

Michele Williams

Michele has been involved in the Telecommunications industry for over 15 years with a passion for service excellence and delivery. Her role at NGN is wide reaching and spans across the Operations, Service and Provision functions. Unflappable, adaptable and incredibly determined, Michele embodies the experience, as well as the professional approach.

Partial to a cup of tea or Sauvignon Blanc, Michele’s favourite pastime is spent with her two young sons and family.

Dee Mancini

Dee has an IT technical background gained within the legal and financial sectors and is a Microsoft Certified Professional.  She brings over 20 years’ technical skillset together with a passion for customer service. Throughout Dee’s career, she has gained many IT qualifications and awards including a Silver Award of Excellence for Customer Service. 

Dee has two Chihuahuas, so her spare time mainly revolves around training, grooming, walking, feeding and forever clearing away toys.  An interesting fact about Dee is that she would like to add to her canine family, and train another Chihuahua to show at Crufts.

Christina Poole

Christina's background is in Business Development, Sales, Operations, Departmental reorganisation and HR/ Recruitment. She has spent most of her working life in the City of London;  in both public and private sectors, changing lives along the way.

She has been raising company profiles for over 10 years through direct and social media marketing, when social media was a thing of course.

Christina is a serious film and music aficionado, with an extensive collection from around the world, all genres including Animation films. A keen photographer/ artist and experimental chef outside of work, whilst also getting involved in worthwhile causes that change the world for the better. She is new age hippie, with a knack for business.

Veena Cattaree

A vibrant and highly competitive individual who ensures professionalism and efficiency in any given task. Veena thrives in pressurised situations which comes from working in Network Operation Support roles.

Although she claims work is her main priority, Veena enjoys the occasional downtime of cooking and trying new foods, which typically leads to a glass of cognac or wine.

Suzy Williams

Suzy is part time and joined NGN as Operations Support to assist all departments. Suzy has a passion for service excellence and ensures all team members are supported which plays a vital part in ensuring that everyone is joined up and working towards the same vision. She has worked within the childcare industry for over 10 years, and the three days she is not in the office she is a Nanny. Suzy enjoys a healthy lifestyle, and regularly goes to the gym and is a keen fitness enthusiast.

Aysa Pribeanu

Enthusiastic and fun loving, our young apprentice has become an asset to the team and is always on hand to help.

Aysa is passionate about cars and is studying engineering to become a mechanical engineer, yet she still finds time to get her nails done.

Master K

Office Junior

Master K started his tenure in 2016 and only works part time. He joins us twice a week to watch YouTube videos and learn about technology. Master K aspires to work in ICT when he grows up and hopes he can pioneer ground-breaking new technology to dramatically enhance battery life for iPads (namely his).

Master D

Chief Trouble Maker

Master D is a free spirit. He’s living the dream and only comes to the office when he feels like it. When he does turn up, he helps with the disorganisation of office cupboards and desk arrangements. Master D enjoys his time at the office and always makes his presence felt.